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Something Brewing is range of surprising works from 14 York-based writers (including Jon Markes) who belong to Pen to Paper writing group, formed and led by Lizzi Linklater. Within its bright covers sit remarkable poetry, stories, novel extracts and scripts where the voice of each writer is clearly heard. 

In this energetic collection you’ll find prose that brims with life: of York’s historical violence, personal tragedy, loneliness, yearning, fantasy and how kindness returns to the giver in unexpected ways. There is raucous humour and quiet thoughtfulness. And there is the astonishing adventure of Bear who crashes through any notion of seriousness with her big-hearted antics and subtly subversive ways. Poetry spans free verse and formal poetry. Something Brewing also features two scripts, both by writers who have had their work performed at Script Yorkshire in the past.



Something Brewing

Expected to be shipped by the end of March 2023
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