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A new year

It's 2021. The last time a date consisted of two consecutive numbers was 1920, 101 years ago. The next will be 2122, in 101 years time. Have I stumbled upon a mathematical theorem, or does everyone know this? In York, we are in Tier 3 and I've lost track of the Tier system rules. I'm not even sure whether tier warrants a capital letter. I know the cafes are closed, except for takeaways and that there are no theatrical performances. Gyms seem to be open, as long as you don't sweat, or puff out exhaust breath within 10 meters of another human.

So, to writing. I have set a few writing goals for this year: write 12 short stories, publish Casting Long Shadows (or, at least, garner some agent interest), get to Ep.70 of Leeford, publish Leeford - The Novel (see above), write Santa's Trousers and The Christmas Shop. Not much to do then! Best get on wi'it.

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